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FHA-VA 101

The student shall be able to make the computations and complete the forms relevant to FHA/VA loans and mortgage insurance applications, maximum seller contributions, allowable costs, FHA/VA sales contracts, FHA/VA loan programs, FHA/VA Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure, qualifying FHA/VA borrowers, assets and income, debt to income ratios, FHA/VA appraisal regulations and conditions, FHA/VA file order for submission to underwriting, FHA/VA refinancing (streamline with appraisal and streamline without an appraisal., regular cash-out refinancing and regular rate and term refinancing)


Cost of Course: $ 795.00

Mortgage 101

Our Mortgage 101 provides you with an entry-level course curriculum for Mortgage Processor and Loan Originators. You will gain valuable knowledge:

Mortgage Glossary

Conventional Loan Programs Mortgage Banker vs. Broker

Secondary Market Review

Calculating Loan-to-Value & Mortgage Payment (PITI) Calculating income

Federal and State Compliance

Taking a detailed loan Application (1003)



Cost of Course: $ 795.00

Loan Origination Processing System (LOS)



Avionce Institute of Mortgage provides training in the latest technology with the extensiveness of functionality that mortgage professionals require for  marketing, prequalification, origination, and processing. Avionce will train you to use the features, forms, and reports that you will  need to manage your business using latest software system.

 We provide and train you on the latest Loan Operating System (LOS) software. Upload on your computer  you’ll learn in real time you’ll  be able to interact and learn with an “live” instructor.  


Cost of Course $ 695.00

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