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Pathfinder Workshop



Pathfinder Workshop


November 24,2023

5;30 - 6:30 PM PST  




Our Pathfinder Workshop is an introduction to the mortgage industry. It allows you to learn what the mortgage industry is and to explore the careers it offers to see if it something you feel is right for you Q and A session complimentary.


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 NMLS Approved 20 Hours  Pre-Licensing Mortgage Loan Originator Course - ID # 1405085


All Mortgage Loan Originator must take a 20 hour NMLS required pre-license course. This course will prepare you to take the mortgage exam.


Our courses are "Webinar" live instructors to help and teach you along the way. 



14809 Course Number




Cost of Course:  $375.00



Mortgage 101

Our Mortgage 101 provides you with an entry-level course curriculum for Mortgage Processor and Loan Originators. You will gain valuable knowledge:

Mortgage Glossary

Conventional Loan Programs Mortgage Banker vs. Broker

Secondary Market Review

Calculating Loan-to-Value & Mortgage Payment (PITI) Calculating income

Federal and State Compliance

Taking a detailed loan Application (1003)



Cost of Course: $795.00

Loan Origination Processing System (LOS)

Avionce Institute of Mortgage provides training in the latest technology with the extensiveness of functionality that mortgage professionals require for loan marketing, prequalification, origination, and processing. Avionce will train you to use the features, forms, and reports that you will  need to manage your business using latest software system.


Loan Operating System works the way you do. Best of all, it is easy to use so you can concentrate on your work–not your software.  We provide you with latest mortgage software  you’ll learn in real time you’ll  be able to interact with an “live” instructor.                                              


Feature:  Templates: master files, loan programs, closing costs, data import/export, underwriting conditions and document packages.
Benefit:  Save time and ensure consistency by using pre-configured information.


Feature: Prospect database and pipeline with nearly full access to most origination features, interfaces and fee calculations.
Benefit:  Capture, create and save pre-application data for prequalifying prospective borrowers. More efficient pipeline management. Easily convert prospect files to borrower files to quickly prepare them for processing.


Feature: Marketing and sales tools such as, rent vs. own, open house flyers, loan comparisons and pre-approval letters.
Benefit: Build a solid relationship with borrowers by providing them with informative communications and advice.


Feature: Loan checklists and features to track loan progress, status, documents and conditions.
Benefit: Work quicker and more efficiently with improved file management tools.


Feature: Configurable loan pipeline view.
Benefit: Improve file processing productivity by customizing the pipeline column view with the most important information.



Cost of Course: $695.00



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