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Robert and Doris Crosby - Founder

Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training is a school offering "Live Webinar" Interactive mortgage training for our students. We create programs that makes it easy to do your job.  We currently are offering Entry-Level Courses and Advanced Courses upon request. Currently, we are updating our Advanced Level Courses to incorporate new 2020 guidelines. We train both corporate clients; and individuals entering the field.

Robert (Rob) Crosby, Director of Administration

Robert (Rob) Crosby has 29 years' expertise in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. Rob is a Real Estate Broker in Georgia and California. Previously, Rob was a Regional Manager with Home Loan Mortgage Corporation in both Georgia and California. He was known for building the company from ground-up to a prosperous Wholesale Operation in the Atlanta Region.


Rob takes pride in assisting others to achieve their goals, often acting as a mentor. As Director of Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training, Rob devotes a lot of time in creating the best educational opportunities available so that others can pursue a career in the mortgage industry. In addition to his primary job functions as Director, Rob is appreciated for his strategic planning, organization qualities, and administering training programs.

Rob's enthusiasm for education traces back to 1991 when he spent significant time working on the foundation for the start-up Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training. Rob created policies, procedures, and quality control programs to ensure the best training experience for Avionce's students. 

Doris Crosby, Director of Training

Doris Crosby has been in the mortgage industry for over 40 years and is Co-Owner and Senior Director of Training for the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training. In addition to her primary job functions, Doris oversees all development of curriculum and training. Doris has nationwide recognition for championing the Fannie Mae Training Institute mortgage curriculum.

Doris began her career as a Mortgage Loan Originator and expanded into Mortgage Operations. As a Loan Processor, she gained experience in government and conventional loans. Doris is Certified as a DE Direct Endorsement Underwriter.

Doris discovered she had a passion for training others. In 2001, she accepted a position as a Senior Trainer for a well-known training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1991, Doris opened the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training in Atlanta with her husband, Rob.

Doris is also known for providing corporate training for companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citizen's bank. Doris also built her reputation for training students in-house to find to help them find a career in the mortgage industry or update skills for current mortgage positions held.


Brian Robinson, Lead Trainer

Brian Robinson is a decorated US Army veteran that has been recognized for his service to our country. 


Brian has been in the mortgage industry for the past 26 years. Brian successfully teaches Learning and Development courses to his students. He has more than ten years of experience as a Trainer in Instructional Design and Training Facilitation. 


Brian has a proven ability to partner with organizations to design training aligned with business goals and provide an engaging and interactive experience as a facilitator. Brian is well versed in conducting needs/gap analysis, curriculum development, and logistics for small-to-large scale programs and initiatives. 


Brian has worked as a Professional Training Consultant/Instructional Designer for Johnson Mortgage Country Mortgage, Caylx Software, Campbell Mortgage, West Lake Financial, Citizens Bank, Pacific Union, Mr. Cooper, American First Finance, and My Mortgage Trainer. Brian also has extensive experience as a Mortgage Underwriter and Processor in several states. He has also worked with Lomas Mortgage, Vinson Mortgage, JP Morgan Chase, Countrywide Home Loan, And Washington Mutual.  


Brian is well versed in wholesale, correspondent, and retail channels.

Susan Butler, Technical Writer

Susan Butler has over 40 years in the mortgage industry, starting her career in Atlanta as a Loan Processor. She takes gratification for the success she achieved in the mortgage industry.


As a Technical Writer and Consultant for the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training, Susan performs research and writes new material, and updates the existing curriculum, as needed. She also is our Subject Matter Expert.

Susan is recognized as a prior Senior Underwriter, Certified as a DE Underwriter, VA Senior Appraisal Reviewer (SAR) Designation, and Conventional Underwriter, including USDA Rural Housing. She also was awarded the status of "Certified Elite Underwriter" for United Guaranty, a mortgage insurance company owned by AIG Insurance Company.

Susan's passion is writing, and she has developed numerous training materials, manuals, and PowerPoint presentations for several of our national lenders and the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training. She successfully rolled out a new mortgage software system developed by one of the nation's largest mortgage bankers for their proprietary mortgage software system use nationwide for training originators, underwriters, processors, and loan closer's.












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