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Robert and Doris Crosby - Founder

 Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training specializes in delivering interactive mortgage training through "Live Webinar" sessions. Our goal is to streamline your job responsibilities by offering Entry-Level Courses and Advanced Courses, with ongoing updates to incorporate the latest 2023 guidelines. Whether you're an individual entering the mortgage industry or a corporate client seeking tailored training, Avionce is dedicated to providing comprehensive and accessible education.

Robert (Rob) Crosby, Director of Administration

With an impressive 31 years of expertise in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry, Robert (Rob) Crosby stands as a highly regarded figure in the field. Rob holds Real Estate Broker licenses in both Georgia and California, reflecting his extensive knowledge and experience across diverse real estate markets.

Rob's career includes a notable stint as a Regional Manager with the Home Loan Mortgage Corporation in Georgia and California. During this time, he achieved recognition for his role in establishing the company's Wholesale Operation in the Atlanta Region, guiding it from its inception to a thriving enterprise.

Professional Achievements:

  • Real Estate Broker in Georgia and California.
  • Former Regional Manager at Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
  • Recognized for building a prosperous Wholesale Operation in the Atlanta Region.

Mentorship and Educational Leadership: Rob Crosby takes great pride in assisting others in achieving their goals, often serving as a mentor within the industry. In his role as the Director of Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training, he dedicates significant time to creating optimal educational opportunities. Rob's commitment to education dates back to 1991 when he played a pivotal role in establishing the foundation for the start-up Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training. His contributions included crafting policies, procedures, and quality control programs to ensure the best possible training experience for Avionce's students.


Doris Crosby, Director of Training

With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Doris Crosby stands as a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry. She currently serves as the Co-Owner and Senior Director of Training at the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training, contributing significantly to its success and growth.


Professional Background:


Senior Director of Training: Doris oversees all aspects of curriculum development and training.



Nationwide Recognition: Doris has gained nationwide recognition for her pivotal role as a faculty trainer for FannieMae "The Housing Finance Institute "


Career Journey:


Mortgage Loan Originator: Doris initiated her career as a Mortgage Loan Originator, laying the foundation for her extensive expertise in the industry


Expansion into Mortgage Operations: Expanding her horizons, Doris ventured into Mortgage Operations, gaining valuable experience as Investor Reporter, Secondary Market , Audit Specialist Loan Processor and advisor to Mortgage Brokerage firms.


Underwriting Expertise: Doris holds key certifications, including FHA/DE, VA/LAPP, and Conventional Underwriter, showcasing her proficiency in handling various loan types.


Corporate Training Contributions: Doris has left a significant mark by providing corporate training for notable companies in the mortgage sector. Her expertise has benefited employees of Wells Fargo, Bank of America (formerly Countrywide Home Loan), and Citizen's Bank.


Doris Crosby's wealth of experience, coupled with her commitment to training and education, makes her a guiding force in the mortgage industry, contributing to the success of Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training and leaving a lasting impact on industry professionals nationwide.



Brian Robinson, Lead Trainer

Brian Robinson is not only a decorated US Army veteran, recognized for his dedicated service to the country, but also a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry with a remarkable 26-year career.

Professional Background:

  • Mortgage Industry Expertise: Brian boasts over two and a half decades of experience in the mortgage industry, demonstrating a deep understanding of its intricacies.
  • Learning and Development Courses: Brian excels in teaching Learning and Development courses, leveraging his extensive knowledge to benefit his students.
  • Trainer in Instructional Design: With over ten years of experience as a Trainer in Instructional Design and Training Facilitation, Brian is adept at creating effective and engaging training materials.

Partnerships and Training Contributions:

  • Alignment with Business Goals: Brian has a proven ability to collaborate with organizations, aligning training programs with business goals to drive success.
  • Engaging Facilitator: As a training facilitator, Brian provides an interactive and engaging learning experience, ensuring participants grasp the material effectively.

Professional Experience:

  • Professional Training Consultant/Instructional Designer: Brian has worked with prominent organizations in the mortgage industry, including Johnson Mortgage Country Mortgage, Caylx Software, Campbell Mortgage, West Lake Financial, Citizens Bank, Pacific Union, Mr. Cooper, American First Finance, and My Mortgage Trainer.
  • Extensive Underwriting and Processing Experience: Brian's expertise extends to roles as a Mortgage Underwriter and Processor in multiple states.



Susan Butler, Technical Writer

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Susan Butler brings over 40 years of invaluable experience to the mortgage industry, having commenced her career in Atlanta as a Loan Processor. Her journey is marked by significant achievements and a deep sense of gratification for her success in the field


Professional Journey:


Loan Processor in Atlanta: Susan started her career in the mortgage industry as a Loan Processor in Atlanta, laying the foundation for her extensive knowledge and expertise.


Technical Writer and Consultant: Susan currently serves as a Technical Writer and Consultant at the Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training. In this role, she conducts research, writes new material, and updates existing curriculum as needed. Susan is also recognized as the institute's Subject Matter Expert.


Certifications and Recognitions:


Senior Underwriter: Susan has held the position of Senior Underwriter, showcasing her proficiency in underwriting.



Certified DE Underwriter: Susan holds the designation of being a Certified DE (Direct Endorsement) Underwriter, a significant certification in the mortgage industry.


VA Senior Appraisal Reviewer (SAR) Designation: Susan has earned the prestigious designation of VA Senior Appraisal Reviewer, highlighting her expertise in appraisal review.


Conventional Underwriter: Susan is certified as a Conventional Underwriter, demonstrating her competence in handling conventional mortgage loans.


Certified Elite Underwriter: Susan achieved the status of "Certified Elite Underwriter" for United Guaranty, a mortgage insurance company owned by AIG Insurance Company.


Passion for Writing: Susan's passion lies in writing, and she has leveraged this passion to develop numerous training materials, manuals, and PowerPoint presentations. Her contributions extend beyond Avionce Institute of Mortgage Training to include several national lenders.


Susan Butler's wealth of experience, diverse certifications, and dedication to writing have not only enriched her own career but have also played a crucial role in shaping training programs and materials within the mortgage industry.












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